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[주의] 프로파일21의 사전허가 없이 아래 자료의 무단 전재, 복사, 배포, 출판, 전시, 판매하는 것은 저작권법에 위배됩니다.

1. What is the teacher explaining?

  • (A) How to do an assignment on the Fifth of May celebration
  • (B) What customs are associated with the Fifth of May celebration
  • (C) Why the Fifth of May celebration is important in the U.S.
  • (D) When the Fifth of May celebration is held in the U.S.

2. What is the subject of the announcement?

  • (A) How students can have their pictures taken on school picture day
  • (B) How students who missed picture day can have their pictures taken
  • (C) Why some students’ pictures will not be in the school yearbook
  • (D) Why some students were absent on picture day last Friday
Now you will hear a conversation. The conversation will be followed by four questions. Choose the best answer to each question and mark the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. You will hear the conversation only one time.

3. What are the students mainly discussing?

  • (A) How nice Principal Kenner is.
  • (B) How hungry the boy is feeling.
  • (C) How to make some money before lunchtime.
  • (D) How the boy may be able to eat lunch today.

4. Why does the boy have no lunch money today?

  • (A) He lost it on the bus.
  • (B) He lent it to a friend.
  • (C) His father forgot to give it to him.
  • (D) His father did not have any money.

5. Why does the girl mention the main office?

  • (A) To suggest that boy look there for his lost money.
  • (B) To explain that the bus driver found the money there.
  • (C) To make the point that the bus driver is honest.
  • (D) To note that the principal’s office is nearby.

6. What can be inferred about Principal Kenner?

  • (A) He rarely comes out of his office.
  • (B) The boy has never spoken to him before.
  • (C) He does not mind lending money to students.
  • (D) The girl has talked to him before.

1. Thank you so much for agreeing to take (A) care       of my dog. There are
(B) attention (C) action (D) caution

2. two things that I forgot (A) told       you. First, I realize that it may be hard
(B) telling (C) being told (D) to tell

3. to get out of the house early, but Sparky is used to (A) taken       a walk first thing
(B) take (C) taking (D) takes in the morning, so if possible, please try to walk him before ten. The time of

4. his evening walk is not so important; any time that is (A) comfortable       for you
(B) different (C) sorry (D) convenient will be fine. Also, please be sure that you don’t give Sparky any chocolate because it will make him very sick

Reading Comprehension

Questions 1-9 are about the following passage.
Biorobotics is a field within robotic science that is based on the movements of living things. The most famous biorobots look and move a lot like humans. However, there are several robots that have been made to mimic animals. While many companies develop such robots as toys, some are used for practical purposes. One example of a biorobot is a flying robot that is based on the movements of bees. The robot, named “Carlton,” was developed by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Built to be both light and powerful, it can hover like a bee in tight spaces and also change direction without losing speed. This robot’s abilities make it very useful for military and police search and rescue missions. For example, Carlton can hide behind a tall wall, rise up to quickly look at what is on the other side, and then hide again. It can also send video images of what it sees to soldiers in a safe location far away. “Modsnake” is a robot that was modeled on snakes. This robot was developed by the Carnegie Mellon University Biorobotics Lab. It is made to move like a snake, so it can pass through narrow spaces, move over all sorts of obstacles, climb poles, and even swim. The way Modsnake moves makes it useful for a variety of tasks, such as checking for survivors in collapsed buildings, finding damaged areas inside of pipes, and cleaning up oil spills in lakes and rivers. A third robot, based on cockroaches, also has several uses. “Sprawl” was designed by a research team at Stanford University to take videos and recover small objects. Like many six-legged robots, Sprawl was made to move like an insect. However, Sprawl is uncommonly fast and strong for its size, just like a real cockroach. These characteristics make it particularly useful for military situations in which an enemy might try to disable it. It is very difficult to shoot because it moves quickly and is relatively small. Even if an enemy shoots Sprawl, it can usually keep functioning.

1. What is the passage mainly about?

  • (A) Biorobots based on animals
  • (B) Biorobots that work like humans
  • (C) Military uses of biorobots
  • (D) Flying abilities of biorobots

2. In line 3, the word mimic is closest in meaning to_____.

  • (A) understand
  • (B) guard
  • (C) teach
  • (D) copy

3. In line 3, the word some refers to_____.

  • (A) companies
  • (B) toys
  • (C) rebots
  • (D) humans

4. According to the passage, Carlton can do all of the following things EXCEPT ________.

  • (A) change directions quickly
  • (B) climb in tight spaces
  • (C) hide behind walls
  • (D) send video images

5. What does the author imply about Modsnake?

  • (A) It has no legs.
  • (B) It moves quickly.
  • (C) It can be dangerous.
  • (D) It has no military uses.

6. In line 13, the word collapsed is closest in meaning to_____.

  • (A) old
  • (B) cheap
  • (C) wooden
  • (D) fallen

7. Which of the following is true about Sprawl?

  • (A) It was originally built to destroy small objects.
  • (B) It was developed by a German research team.
  • (C) It is smaller than a cockroach.
  • (D) It is small but very solid.

8. Why is Sprawl useful in military situations?

  • (A) It cannot be shot.
  • (B) It can shoot at the enemy.
  • (C) It is small enough to be shot from a gun.
  • (D) It will usually keep working even when shot.

9. In line 18, the word disable is closest in meaning to_____.

  • (A) break
  • (B) follow
  • (C) see
  • (D) buy